Hurtigruten Sailing Schedule 2022

Hurtigruten Sailing Schedule 2022:

This indicative Hurtigruten Schedule gives you an idea of how the sailing works. There could be some minor changes that aren't listed. The Hurtigruten ships make stops at all the ports mentioned in this schedule. In the larger towns and cities you may have several hours to spend ashore, or maybe take part in one of the optional excursions. At the smaller ports, the stops are brief (generally only 15 - 30 minutes), though you'll usually have a chance to go ashore. If the arrival time isn't specified, you know it is just a short stop.

Please check on board to ensure that you return to the ship in time for departure. It doesn't wait! We would love you to explore our coast a little further and therefore offer a variety of Hurtigruten packages that include longer stays in some of the special areas along the Norwegian coast.

Hurtigruten Schedule 2022

Norway Hurtigruten Northbound Schedule

South bound Hurtigruten Schedule

Hurtigruten Port to Port and Individual Ship Schedule 2022

North Bound Hurtigruten Voyage Schedule 2021/22
South Bound Hurtigruten Voyage Schedule

Hurtigruten reserves the right to make alterations to this timetable without prior notice.

† At Geiranger and Hjørundfjorden embarkation/disembarkation is by small tender.

There are many choices when you travel with Hurtigruten. This chart below gives you an overview of the options.

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Red dots: Southbound ports visited in daytime (between 06.00 a.m and 24.00 p.m)
Blue dots: Northbound ports visited in daytime (between 06.00 a.m and 24.00 p.m)
Yellow dots: Turning point
Stars: Attractions seen in daytime Bergen