The Border of three Nordic countries


A tiny Finnish village near the border of Sweden, Finland and Norway

The village of Kilpisjärvi is located in the northwest extremity of Lapland in the municipality of Enontekiö. The village is bordered by Kilpisjärvi lake and the Saana fell (forest), sacred to the Sami people.

It is a village of under one hundred permanent residents, which attracts tourists throughout the year. It is right on the border between Norway, Sweden and Finland, and is only a 50km (30-mile) drive to the Arctic Ocean. Enjoy untouched wilderness, glassy lakes and ponds, freely roaming reindeer herds and friendly locals in this isolated spot of Finland.

There are many wilderness reserves close by includin Malla Strict Nature Reserve, Saana Nature Reserve and Research Area, Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. You can visit the Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre which provides information for tourists, fishing enthusiasts and hikers preparing to hike on the Nordkalottleden Trail.

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