Travel Safe

The safety of our travellers, staff and operators is a major priority of 50 Degrees North. With an operational office in Norway, 50 Degrees North has access to an up-to-the-minute flow of information regarding the countries we work in. We are also in regular contact with the various operators we use. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of their various areas is vital.


Updated WHO recommendations for international traffic in relation to COVID-19 outbreak

Our recommendations for travellers in general;

Read our latest information guide about travelling safely around our region in the age of the coronavirus here.

National Public Health Information in the Nordics

Please click below links for information from the various public health information sites in our region;

Norway -
Sweden -
Finland -
Iceland -

Denmark -
Estonia -
Faroe Islands -

We hope this helps. Talk to us if you have further questions.

For further reference, we also recommend that you check your government's travel advisory for any country to which you are travelling and 'check in' where possible:

New Zealand

Note on safety:

We rely on public transport and car hire providers to maintain the vehicles we use in a roadworthy condition, but we do not perform independent tests on public vehicles. Privately chartered bus operators/drivers are required to comply with local licence and vehicle servicing standards. We don't recommend driving in winter conditions without extensive ice & snow driving experience.

On your tour, you will have many choices for optional activities. 50 Degrees North is not the provider of these optional winter activities, the local supplier that provides these optional activities will have indemnity forms to sign and safety information accessible at the start of each activity. If you have any concerns about the safety of the activity, before or during the activity, please let someone know.

For winter departures, you will receive a comprehensive Scandinavian winter packing list before you arrive. We recommend you read this carefully before departure and speak to your guides & locals about weather conditions, walking safely on ice and dressing warmly.

We ask that you inform us or your travel agent of any pre-existing medical conditions before travelling.

Vaccinations before departure:

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the health and vaccinations requirements applicable for the countries and/or regions you will be visiting.

Please click here to check any vaccination and travel health advice for your trip from the Australian Government.

Please click here for vaccination and travel health advice from the Canadian Government.

For advice from the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, please click here.