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On this page you will find all relevant travel documents for your trip with 50 Degrees North. Please help yourself to what you need, and do not hesitate to ask us should you have any questions.

Practical Information - by country or region

Practical Summer Information Scandinavia & Finland

Practical Winter Information Scandinavia & Finland

Greenland Practical Info

Iceland Practical Info

Iceland Practical Summer Info

Faroe Islands Practical Info

Baltics Practical Info

Practical Information - by activity or supplier

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Practical Info

Holidaying in Scandinavia with younger children info

Self Catering in Norway

Nordic City Guides

Oslo City Guide

Bergen City Guide

Tromsø City Guide

Copenhagen City Guide

Stockholm City Guide

Helsinki City Guide

Rovaniemi City Guide

Reykjavik City Guide

Aarhus City Guide

St Petersburg City Guide

Moscow City Guide

Tallinn City Guide

Riga City Guide

Vilnius City Guide

Iceland Driver Notes

Iceland Complete Island Driver Notes

Iceland Road Map


Norway Coastal Express Arrival and Departure

Norwegian Coastal Express Destination Information

Please let us know if you need information from a different departure country.


Havila Arrival, Departure and Itinerary Information

Havila Excursions

Arctic Expedition Voyages

The Arctic Environment is home to many unique and vulnerable species and habitats. Help us protect the Arctic from the impact of alien species by, where possible, brushing, hoovering and cleaning clothes and any equipment prior to departure, paying particular attention to outerwear and footwear. This is in accordance with the request of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.

Oceanwide Expeditions - Expedition Manual