Faroe Islands


Village of 49 inhabitants on the north of Faroe Islands

Gjógv (pronounced : gorge) is a village located on the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy, in the Faroe Islands and 63 km north by road from the capital of Tórshavn. The village was named after a 200-metre (650 ft) long sea-filled gorge that runs north to the sea from the village.

Gjógv has one of the best natural harbours in the Faroes. However, boats need to be pulled up on a ramp to be safe from the surf. To tourists and boating natives alike, the harbour in the gorge is also a well-known site of outstanding natural scenery.

The village was first mentioned in 1584, but it seems to have existed long before then. It has long subsisted on fishing and selling dried and salted fish (klippfiskur in Faroese). At one time as many as 13 fishing boats sailed from Gjógv. Its population has seen a sharp decline in the past 60 years or so. In 1950 the headcount still stood at 210. A factory producing prefabricated concrete elements was founded in the village in 1982. It employs 6 people and is the only one of its kind in the islands. Other branches of industry are represented by the village's fish farm and guest house / hostel and campsite.

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