Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel is unique for it’s wonderful location with 360-degree panorama to the sea and mountains. The sea is an amazing crystal blue and the beach in front of the hotel mesmerizingly white. Chose between self catering sea cabins or hotels rooms. There is free wireless Internet throughout, a simple cosy restaurant and a swimming pool & sauna. Situated 1-hour from Tromsø in a small, but lively fishing village, this peaceful hotel is a perfect base for watching the Northern Lights. Several whale species are regularly seen in the waters around Sommarøy from November to late January.

Room types: Twin rooms, sea house apartments with 2 bedrooms, fisherman cabin with 2 bedrooms, fisherman cabin with three bedrooms, sea house with 3 bedrooms and sea house large with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sauna.

There is a surcharge for the outdoor jacuzzi. There is a new outdoor gazebo like-room with glass windows and roof for Northern Lights viewing available to use in front of the restaurant.