Juvet Landscape Hotel

This design hotel is situated on the Burtigarden farm at Alstad in Valldal, on a steep hill amongst birch, aspen, pine and massive boulders. There are seven landscape rooms with the glass walls and dark interiors, single rooms called birdhouses and then 12 beds in the main house.

The architects Jensen & Skodvin envisioned a landscape hotel that would blend in with the natural environment. The result is seven small “cubes” on stilts, with glass walls that offer each space a striking view of the valley, the river, the courtyard or the dramatic gorge below.

It captures the feeling of being in a lean-to – whilst being far more luxurious.

While no two rooms are alike, all the rooms have a dark interior to avoid stealing focus from the scenery. Apart from the little bathroom, of course. Here the sun shines even in the middle of the winter!

There is a long table in the cow barn for dining - with leisurely breakfasts and dinner can be arranged.  Rooms come with their own facilities however, there is also public bathing facilities with a steam room, showers, outdoor hot tub, relaxation area & quiet room.

Juvet Landscape Hotel