The Lofoten Island's central town, beautiful in every way.

The Lofoten Islands offer some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country with towering, pointed mountain peaks rising majestically from the sea to a height of almost 1000 meters. Many of the island interiors are swathed in emerald greens, and the shorelines are fringed with white sandy beaches.

The only included activity is a 'not to be missed' spectacular nature safari by boat (winter). You will get a good understanding of the marine life in the near surroundings of Svolvær.

On purpose, and because everyone has different tastes, we have not packed your stay in Lofoten full of other pre-arranged activities. The reason being there is simply so much to see and do while in Lofoten and it should be your choice to chose. Our recommended excursions are;

  • Cruise along the scenic Trollfjord on the MF Gamle Lofotferga (subject to availability - summer)
  • Rock climbing (summer)
  • Rent a bike and pedal your way through the Archipelago (summer)
  • Visit to the impressive Lofotr Viking Museum (all year)
  • Kayaks provide a fantastic opportunity to explore all of Lofotens small and large islands, islets and reefs (all year)
  • Join an Ocean rafting trip in a rib boat (all year)
  • Join a traditional fishing boat and try your luck (all year, but best February to April)
  • Just laze around your Rorbu and enjoy the exotic smell of dried cod (all year)
  • Trekking along some of the well marked paths (all year, except when too much snow)
  • Go Alpine Skiing off the incredible mountain surrounding Svolvær. (winter)

Tour Standard

Norwegian Coastal Highlights Escorted Reverse

10 days - Escorted Small Group tour with southbound Norwegian Coastal Voyage, Tromsø to Oslo

  • Norway tours
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Experience the Northern Lights

Experience the Northern Lights

15 days - Escorted Small Group tour to Norway and Finland with northbound Norwegian Coastal Voyage

  • 2022/23 Winter available
  • Norway tours
  • Finland tours
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Ørjan Bertelsen

Beautiful Norway and Norwegian Coastal Voyage

14 days - Independent visit to the mountains and fjords of Norway with Boutique hotels and touring in our premium 50 Degrees North mini-coach

  • Norway tours
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Norwegian Coastal Voyage Southbound

6 days - Norwegian Coastal voyage travelling South.

  • Norway tours
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Norwegian Coast, Lofoten & Tromsø

11 days - Norwegian Coastal Voyage, stopping longer in Lofoten and Tromsø

  • Norway tours
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Hurtigruten Astronomy Voyage

12 days - Classic Norwegian Coastal Voyage with an Astronomy expert.

  • Norway tours
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Hurtigruten Coastal Expedition Sailings

9 days - Expedition team on board with special activities and hiking pass

  • Adventure options
  • Norway tours
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Lofoten & Northern Lights

4 days - Seeing is believing - these islands are magical.

  • Norway tours
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Visit Norway

Lofoten and Norwegian Coast Cruise

9 days - Norwegian Coastal Voyage with a longer stop in Lofoten.

  • Norway tours
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Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Lofoten Explorer tour

7 days - Seeing is believing - these islands are magical

  • Self-drive
  • Norway tours
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Mountains, Fjords & Norwegian Coastal Voyage

13 days - Classic Norway in a Nutshell® tour, Oslo and Norwegian Coastal voyage through Norway.

  • Norway tours
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Christan Brothner

Norwegian Coastal Highlights Escorted

10 days - Escorted Small Group tour with northbound Norwegian Coastal Voyage, Oslo to Tromsø

  • 2022/2023
  • Norway tours
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Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Nordic Capitals Tour

23 days - Independent cruise and tour of Scandinavia's coast and capitals.

  • Sweden tours
  • Denmark tours
  • Norway tours
  • Finland tours
  • Estonia tours
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MS Nordlys Geiranger Hurtigurten

Norwegian Coastal Voyage Northbound

7 days - "Kystruten" voyage up the coast of Norway

  • Norway tours
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Norwegian Coastal Voyage Round Trip

12 days - Voyage along the Norwegian coast.

  • Norway tours
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Visit Norway, Vidar Moløkken

Tromsø, Senja & Lofoten

8 days - Drive the spectacular National Tourist Route of Norway

  • Our favourite
  • Norway tours
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Svinøya Rorbuer
Optional Add Ons
Lofoten Islands excursion
Rune Kongsro / Hurtigruten
Sea Eagle Safari
Rib Adventure in Lofoten
Lofoten by Horse
C.H, Visit Norway
Fishing in Norway
Hiking in Lofoten
Fishing village walk
Fishing in Lofoten
Hurtigruten Platinum Optional Excursions
Highlights of Lofoten