Svalbard tours

More polar bears than people, reindeers, mining town history, picture perfect glaciers, dog sledding, snowmobiling, Franz Josef Land- a remote archipelago, polar nights with Northern Lights/ Aurora Borealis and midnight sun in the summer. An Eldorado for nature-based activities!


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Basecamp Nordenskiöld Svalbard

6 days - Independent adventure tour | True Arctic Wilderness.

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Eveline Lunde

Svalbard Northern Lights Adventure

4 days - Silent Esledding, Wilderness Safaris & Ice Cave Adventure in Spitsbergen

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Magic of the Arctic

5 days - Boutique stay in Svalbard | Rib boats | Glacier exploring

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Elida Langstein

Spitsbergen Arctic Darkness

4 days - Out of this world 24-hour darkness, Arctic adventures and dogsledding

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Basecamp Longyearbyen

Spitsbergen Arctic Summer

4 days - Arctic adventures, pristine nature and glaciers

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Arctic tours and voyages are our speciality and as Svalbard is the northernmost part of Norway, this is a destination we know well. With its open landscapes, sparse vegetation and endless glaciers, a trip here will certainly make you feel on top of the world!

Svalbard (also knows as Spitsbergen & Spitzbergen which is the main islands' name) combines as a station for Arctic research, climatology and a perfect adventure holiday destination. Dog sledding, glaciers, boat cruising, polar bears, the midnight sun and the beautiful Northern Lights/ Aurora Borealis are highlights on your adventure to Svalbard.

Summer and winter are both excellent for visiting Svalbard, each with their unique characteristics- summer in perpetuity of light and winter with a country lit up by Northern Lights around the clock (conditions permitting) Svalbard is the only permanently settled place on earth where you can experience dayside Northern Lights. On our Spitsbergen Northern Lights tour, you can experience this unique winter atmosphere of Svalbard and its Polar Nights.


For a true taste of all that Svalbard has to offer in summer, join a Hurtigruten Spitsbergen and Polar Bears on MS Nordstjernen voyage, getting into the far-reaching fjords of Svalbard, in search of Polar Bears. You will experience an extraordinary Arctic landscape, glaciers and bird cliffs.

If you are looking for adventure, our independent Basecamp Nordenskiöld true Arctic wilderness tour is suitable for both singles, couples and groups. Stay in a true hunting cabin- but with modern comforts while exploring arctic nature and beauty with options for treks, kayaking, glacier walks and much more.