Brønnøysund is a port on the Nordland coast.

Brønnøysund is a small port on the Helgeland coast - population of approx. 5000 people. It is close to the Torghatten mountain - the legendary mountain with a hole through the middle. It is possible to walk up to the tunnel on a well-prepared path, and through it on a natural path.

Brønnøysund has daily visits by the Hurtigruten Coastal Express, northbound at night and southbound in the afternoon. It is also visited by the MS Gamlesalten. It's main industry has been fishing - quite a well known brand, Fjord Seafood, orginated from this town.

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage Southbound

6 days - Norwegian Coastal voyage travelling South.

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Norwegian Coast, Lofoten & Tromsø

11 days - Norwegian Coastal Voyage, stopping longer in Lofoten and Tromsø

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Hurtigruten Coastal Expedition Sailings

9 days - Expedition team on board with special activities and hiking pass

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Lofoten & Norwegian Coast Cruise

9 days - Norwegian Coastal Voyage with a longer stop in Lofoten.

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Mountains, Fjords & Norwegian Coastal Voyage

13 days - Classic Norway in a Nutshell® tour, Oslo and Norwegian Coastal voyage through Norway.

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage & Nordic Capitals Tour

23 days - Independent cruise and tour of Scandinavia's coast and capitals.

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MS Nordlys Geiranger Hurtigurten

Norwegian Coastal Voyage Northbound

7 days - "Kystruten" voyage up the coast of Norway

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage Round Trip

12 days - Voyage along the Norwegian coast.

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Visit the Salmon
Brønnøysund Village Walk