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    4 days - Independent tour - Relax and explore in a low impact Ger camp.

    On this short journey we will leave for the Khan Khentii wilderness, near Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, yet remotely located in the Upper Tuul River Valley. The locals have horses, cows, sheep, goats and yaks. On this journey you will stay at low impact ger (yurt) camps. They are fully collapsible “lodges”, built in the nomadic style. These camps are put up for the summer season and packed away in winter, leaving no traces anywhere.

    We use low-impact indigenous, thus appropriate, technology to offer lodging and sometimes also transportation with the assistance of yak carts or riding horses. Essentially, it means that we can be hosted by the services of the local people living in the area where we travel. There is an option – at additional cost - to camp out by building your own private base next to the river. Bring a yurt on a yak cart and erect it yourself with the help of your local hosts and a private cook.

    There are two additional camps that you can also visit, one near the Gobi Desert and the other in a unique nature reserve. These camps create a perfect tailor-made itinerary - combining comfortable accommodation, a variety of activities and wonderful Mongolia landscapes.

    Highlights include

    • Private stay at the Jalman Meadows Ger Camp
    • Low-impact camping and transportation
    • Located within the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, which is Mongolia's only true wilderness area
    Day 1
    Arrive Ulaanbaatar
    Days 2 - 3
    Khan Khentii
    Day 4
    Return to Ulaanbaatar
    Start/End Place
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia tours
    Country Visited
    Mongolia tours
    4 Days
    Easy independent holiday suitable for singles & couples



    This tour is supported by a private jeep or minibus (depending on the number of travellers) to and from Khan Khentii Protected area.

    • An English speaking Mongolian guide will accompany you at all times.
    • Breakfast every day
    • All meals outside Ulaanbaatar
    • All overnight gers (3 nights)
    • All local transport
    Not Included

    Imported drinks, laundry. Air or train tickets in and out of Mongolia. Visa fee.


    Day 1 - Arrive Ulaanbaatar

    Arrive in the Mongolian capital by train or air. We then leave Ulaanbaatar for the Upper Tuul River Valley in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, some 120 km out of town, a 3 hour drive by private bus or jeep.

    However, if you arrive before 10 a.m., first we will visit the Gandan Lamasery, the liveliest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Thereafter we drive one hour on a tarmac road out of town, then one hour through a beautiful steppe valley, seeing many herdsmen with their livestock. The last hour crosses the ridge at Zamtiin Dava and includes driving up through forests until we reach the Upper Tuul River Valley. These are the winter grazing lands of the local herdsmen, which is why most of them are not in the area in the middle of the summer. This allows for a profusion of wildflowers, such as edelweiss. Met by yak carts, we will load luggage onto them and walk to Jalman Meadows Ger Camp by the Upper Tuul River.

    1 Lunch
    1 Dinner
    Jalman Meadows Ger camp

    Days 2 - 3 - Khan Khentii

    One full day of exploration of the area. Either on foot, on horseback or using the Russian catarafts available at camp. You choose the pace of your journey here, and also the modes of transport you would like to use. The Hentii Mountains are covered with larch and birch forests. This protected area was established in December 1993 and covers most of the Hentii wilderness, stretching all the way up to the Russian-Siberian frontier. Herdsmen keep their livestock in the southern areas, following a lifestyle that is essentially unchanged since the time of Chinggis Khan. To the north is uninhabited wilderness.

    Although rarely seen, wolves are numerous in the area. There are also wild boar, moose, red deer (Cervus elaphus), marmots and gazelle. Rivers flow down broad steppe valleys past wooded and alluvial meadows with broad leaf forests.

    Day hikes: From the lookout point of Hifte Gatsaa there is a beautiful view over the Jalman Meadows and the Tuul River. You can order a picnic lunch from camp and make day hikes in any direction.

    Yak cart rafting: Load a lightweight catamaran inflatable raft onto a yak cart. A herdsman will follow as you trek for half a day up the Tuul River. You'll have your picnic lunch at noon and return by the raft downstream through the Jalman Meadows to camp. Life vests, paddles and picnic lunch are provided. USD 15 p.p. half day, USD 30 p.p. full day.

    Swimming: The Tuul River is at its most pristine way up here and next to the camp. The water may be cold, but usually pleasant during parts of July and August. The river is crystal clear and transparent with regular deep pools.

    Horse riding: Hourly, half days and full day rides are organized with local horsemen at an additional cost. Picnic lunch can be provided from the camp. There are a few hard hats and chaps, which is why serious riders are best advised to bring their own. Full day rides should be preordered. USD 35 p.p. full day; USD 18 p.p. half day and USD 7 per hour.

    Mountain biking: There are two mountain bikes that may be rented for the day for excellent excursions in the area.

    Yak cart sauna: Bring a folded ger to the river by yak cart and build your own riverside sauna from it.

    Birding: You may admire the avifauna that comes in sizes from azure tits to majestic steppe eagles. You will get 80 percent of Mongolian species with a European bird guide book. There is one in the library ger.

    2 Breakfasts
    2 Lunches
    2 Dinners
    Jalman Meadows Ger camp

    Day 4 - Return to Ulaanbaatar

    After breakfast transfer back to your hotel in Ulaanbaatar (3-3½ hrs).

    1 Breakfast
    Dates & Prices

    All prices listed are per person. Additional nights, horse riding, private transfers, private Japanese jeep transfers and single prices are available on request.

    Valid From
    Valid To
    From Price
    15 May 2021
    30 Sep 2021
    15 May 2021
    30 Sep 2021
    USD 415
    On request
    18 May 2022
    30 Sep 2022
    18 May 2022
    30 Sep 2022
    USD 415
    On request

    Important Information

    Staff: A Mongolian English-speaking leader will accompany you at all times. In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals.

    Riding skills: Complete horse riding novices should not attempt to ride individually on horses. However, the Mongols historically have been the most equestrian people on Earth, and remain so to this day. Anyone at ease with horses will enjoy riding. The use of riding horses is included in the tour cost.

    Ger Outing: Jalman Meadows Ger Camp is equipped with nomadic and thus mobile support systems. There are gers (yurts), and yak carts. Should you wish to enjoy a private camp with your own campfire and a private cook, we can arrange for you to have a novice cook who has been brought along to prepare meals for your guide and, with the help of one of our nomad neighbors, we supply a folded yurt on a yak cart. All of you can head out for a walk, and you can choose your spot by the river or elsewhere. You will erect the yurt with the help of your hosts and spend the night right there. We supply the bedding, stove and provisions. This service needs to be pre-booked and will cost an additional USD 90 per person, regardless how many there are in your small group.

    Meals: Our cooks will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adept at both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians. For breakfast we can usually buy fresh yogurt from the herdsmen in the local area.

    Mongolia is the perfect place for a family adventure - simple days, lots of sunshine and fresh air and adventure. The camps are popular with families and you have the room to spread out and enjoy the Mongolian culture and outdoors. Please talk to us about Mongolia with your family.

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