Pop up restaurants in Estonia

Estonia's adventurous culinary scene has a something few tourists discover – the “pop up home or farm restaurant”. Locals who enjoy cooking and entertaining literally open up their homes as restaurants to both locals and tourists. These “home restaurants” pop-up seasonally around Tallinn or regional areas and are publicly listed, licensed, and take reservations just like ordinary restaurants.

Located in Tallinn, nAnO, is a hidden gem with no signage to mark its location – only the aroma of delicious food wafting through the windows. To add to the intrigue of the place the owner is former supermodel and Playboy Bunny, Beatrice Fenice. Now in her 40s, Beatrice is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur owning a modeling agency as well as her home restaurant. She’s a wonderful cook and shares her culinary talents with all who visit nAnO. Bookings required.

50 kilometres from Tallinn, Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Pop-Up Restaurant in Kuimesta also opens in summer and serves a unique 5-course meal made using local ingredients sourced from local farmers & the surrounding forests.