Kamchatka's hot springs: Voinovskye & Zhirovaya

All of Kamchatka’s volcanic, grand-scale dynamism is of therapeutic, human benefit too; An immersive bask in the steamy warmth of the Voinovskye and Zhirovaya hot springs will help leach away any of your residual weariness and worry amid the Peninsula’s natural splendour.

Camp on the banks of the Mutnovsky River and bathe in the wild Voinovskye hot springs bubbling up through the sandbar. Spawning salmon run up the river around you. Or, a little later on your trek, relax in the Zhirovaya hot springs seeping over hillocks to stream through a variety of pools and choice of temperatures. The effort to get here is rewarded with an ideal place to relax and refresh your mind and muscles.