Jalman Meadows Ger camp

Jalman Meadows is a ger camp nestling in the Khan Khentii, a protected wilderness region between the capital, UlaanBaatar, and the Siberian frontier.

Gers (or yurts) are the functional, felt-lined abodes of central Asian pastoralists. In a country the size of western Europe, half of Mongolia's population still pursue their ancient nomadic traditions, living in gers which they move around to suit the season.

Practical features of the Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

The ger camp is seasonal in the summers, and is fully collapsible. It may be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsmen family would. It has 14 double occupancy gers and triples can be accommodated in these. There are also 2 family size gers, with a double bed and two beds. The gers have fire stoves, wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings. Showers are provided in two separate gers. The shower ger has a fire stove, why it is warm and cozy. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition. It is five-star camping at its best.

Every morning the cooks prepare a festive breakfast buffet for you with freshly baked bread, natural yoghurt and fresh milk supplied by the neighbouring nomads. One local dish you should not miss is the urum, a creamy milk product which is irresistible on a piece of warm bread topped with some berries. The lunch and dinner consist of 2-3 course set meals. In the restaurant ger you will find a good selection of wines, and the solar-powered fridge allows you to enjoy a cold beer and soft drinks. Tea and coffee are available all day long.

The crew at Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

Your support crew for the stay at Jalman Meadows are either from Ulaanbaatar or from the nomadic families of the surrounding area.

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