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Trekking and Cycling

Our region has some of the best hiking in the world - Greenland treks, traditional hut to hut hikes in Norway, 'best sellers' in Iceland, all the way through to high mountain passes in Mongolia and Volcanoes in Kamchatka. When it comes to cycling, Norway's fjords, mountains or the majesty of the Lofoten Islands offer 'once-in-a-lifetime' biking experiences. Around virtually every corner you will find new, indescribably beautiful scenery.

We also offer day or half day cycling trips in most of our main cities. Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo are all relatively flat and perfect for exploration. Guided bike tours in these cities get you meeting locals and exploring the town from a different perspective. Family friendly options are also available.

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Connect with Hurtigruten
Midnight Sun in Lapland

5 days - Independent summer adventure in Finland with lake...

Mongolian Camel Trek

5 days - Go trekking or riding supported by camels in the Gobi

Our favourite
Jotunheimen Classic

8 days - Group Hike - Hike from cabin to cabin across...

Family Friendly
Rallarvegen by bike

3 days - Norway's most popular bike route, independent...

Bears & Volcanoes of Kamchatka

10 days - Group Tour - Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime in...

Best seller
Landmannalaugar - Skógar - Iceland's most...

7 days - Small Group trek covering the most famous treks in...

Active Volcanoes & Hot springs in Kamchatka

14 days - Small Group tour of Kamchatka with Volcanoes, beaches...

Aurlandsdalen - Classic Norway on foot

7 days - Join us for a Norway in a Nutshell® experience with a...

Mongolian Yak Trek - yak supported trek

5 days - Group Hike with the Mongol herdsmen and yak support.

Faroe Islands Active Short Break

5 days - Discover the Faroe Islands for yourself - easily...

2017 Dates
Rondane Classic

5 days - Group Hike - Classic Norwegian trek through Rondane...

New tour
Norway in a Nutshell® - Active Plus

6 days - An active summer twist on the classic - extended version

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