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Nordic Wild

Our region has some of the most beautiful natural scenery and untouched wilderness of Europe. Living within this wilderness are countless precious species to discover.

For bird lovers, head west to Greenland or the Faroe Islands to discover puffins and arctic birds or head east to see Snow and Emperor geese of the Russian Arctic. Alternatively, the Estonian waters and coastline are stepping-stones along the flyway between breeding and wintering area for Arctic birds.

If you are keen to deep sea dive or snorkel, you can explore the Lofoten Archipelago with its magnificent kelp forests and king crabs. Kayak at sunset with whales in Norway. 

Photographers can spend time in the Finnish wilderness alongside remote rivers, staying in log cabins. Join bear, flying squirrel or beaver observation tours or spend time in a hid and keep watch for wolf, lynx and wolverine.

We are passionate about offering you the best opportunity to see the magnificent wildlife of our home countries. We offer tailor made tours to High Arctic zoos for families, remote and adventurous safaris, self-drive itineraries in the Nordic region and expedition voyages into the High Arctic.

Lapland Autumn Retreat

4 days - Early Northern Lights, mountain biking, campfires &...

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A taste of Greenland

6 day - Independent tailor made Greenland tour.

Senja, Whales & Auroras

6 days - Northern Norway Whale Safari and deep sea fishing

Polar Bear Special - North Spitsbergen

8 days - Expedition Voyage - perfect for the whole family.

Mongolian tailor made ‘Gerscape’ holiday

4 days - Experience different yurt camping in luxury gers in...

New tour
Dogsledding through Swedish Lapland

5 days - Extended adventure tour through Swedish Wilderness

Basecamp Nordenskiöld

6 days - Independent adventure tour | True Arctic Wilderness.

Lapland Summer Retreat

4 days - Unwind with Barefoot walking | River Rafting | Saunas |...

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Icebergs & Whales of Greenland

8 day - Independent tailor-made Greenland tour.

Connect with Hurtigruten
Midnight Sun in Lapland

5 days - Independent summer adventure in Finland with lake...

Log Cabins & Bears of Finland - self drive

8 days - Self Drive - Bear Safari, Wildlife and Hiking in Finland

Autumn Auroras on Norway's Coast

6 days - Tromsø and Coastal Norwegian Northern Lights tour

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