Eeva Makine

Health, Wellness & Slow Travel

The traditions of the Scandinavian lifestyle go back hundreds of years: The connection between mind, body and nature was always treasured through not only sacred rituals, but the rich abundance of seasonal wild foods and honouring the vastly distinctive yet equally important seasons.

In the rush and crush of modern life, we increasingly value and long for these pleasures that our ancestors took for granted: Open quiet spaces, fresh food straight from the source and time spent in nature.

Imagine pure spring water, fresh mountain air, forest hikes, lake swims, hot tubs and relaxing saunas; then combine it with a spoonful of traditional treatments and a dash of wild forage for serving - your holiday will leave you feeling like new!

Stay on your own private island in a traditional Swedish cabin, head to the forests and lakes of Finland or the mountains of Norway. Enjoy the simple things on offer such as hiking in silence, kayaking, ice dips and saunas, foraging for Scandinavian superfoods, hot springs or spend time by the sea...Take in the sound of quiet, hear yourself think: Welcome to the best experiences Scandinavia has to offer.

Tour Standard

Lapland Autumn Retreat

4 days - Early Northern Lights, campfires and forest exploring at a peaceful Lapland resort

  • Great Value
  • Finland tours
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Arctic Sanctuary by the Sea

3 days - Remote Norwegian tour, staying in designer accommodation.

  • No WiFi
  • Norway tours
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Theodor Vasile

Fire, Ice & the Blue Lagoon - Summer

5 days - Independent tour of Iceland in the glory of summer.

  • Iceland tours
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Lyngen Lodge Spring and Summer

Tromsø & Lyngen Alps - summer

7 days - Independent tour enjoying a luxurious lodge in the Norwegian mountains.

  • Yoga and Wellness
  • Norway tours
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Private Island Retreat in Sweden

5 days - Tranquil stay on an island sanctuary in the Swedish lake and farming district

  • WiFi Free
  • Sweden tours
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Endless Summer Days by Lake Saimaa

5 days - Short escape to the tranquility of the Finnish Lakes

  • Detox!
  • Finland tours
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Christmas at Sunday Morning Resort

6 days - Exclusive Family Christmas Tour with Sustainable Focus

  • Premium
  • New tour 2020
  • Finland tours
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Hotel Dalen

Norway Active + self drive

11 days - Boutique stays with hiking, fly-fishing and golfing surrounded by Norwegian scenery

  • Our Favourite
  • Norway tours
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White beaches, Sea & Manshausen Island

4 days - Stay in designer accommodation on Norway's coast.

  • Norway tours
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