Anttolanhovi - Finnish Wellness Village

Anttolanhovi is a wellness village on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Mikkeli

Anttolanhovi wellness village is located 25 km from th city centre of Mikkeli, in a scenic environment on the shores of Lake Saimaa, which offers excellent opportunities for recreation and rest as well as meetings and pampering.


Anttolanhovi has 54 hotel rooms, and 19 Art&Design villas, as well as Lakeside restaurant and Kota restaurant and 14 meeting rooms.

At the Lakeside Hotel, you can stay in high-quality single or twin hotel rooms or family rooms.  All of the hotel rooms are suitable for people with allergies; some of the rooms are equipped with facilities for the disabled and with hearing aids. Customers with pets are welcome to stay at our terrace house apartments. Free Wi-Fi at the hotel.

The modern Art&Design Lakeside Villas offer all amenities, own beach and privacy enhanced by hotel services. The villas are located 25 metres from the shore of Lake Saimaa and blend in with the surrounding landscape – nature becomes an integral part of the architecture.

There is a beautiful view towards Lake Saimaa from the modern Hillside Villas with all the amenities. The villas are situated 70 metres from the shore of Lake Saimaa and blend in with the surrounding hilly landscape. The Hillside Villas have been designed by the architect Timo Leiviskä. The Hillside Villas are semi-detached buildings; a large and small Hillside Villa can be combined into a villa with 5 bedrooms..


Anttolanhovi restaurant has served delicious local style meals since 1978 and is very known in Mikkeli area about it´s local and handmade food which is full of fresh ingredients from lakes, forests and countryside.


Guests can also enjoy the sauna and pool area, pampering treatments at the Day Spa, a sports hall, a gym, illuminated outdoor tracks, a disc golf course and a varied selection of guided activities, all year around.