Discover Scandinavia's Most Scenic Railway journey

14 July, 2017, by Ivy Thompson

Discover Scandinavia's Most Scenic Railway-journey

Norway evokes awe thanks to breathtaking scenery with her fjords, mountains and charming towns and cities. One our most popular inclusions on any Norwegian itinerary is the renowned ‘Norway in a Nutshell ®’ scenic railway-journey, and for good reason. This journey lives up to its name; it really offers you Norway in a nutshell.

You don’t need to be a train-enthusiast to enjoy the Nutshell adventure; the journey also includes a ferry-cruise and bus-ride (May to September). Designed to showcase some of the finest landscapes Western Norway has on offer, the journey goes between the capital Oslo and the old hanseatic city of Bergen. You will experience the gorgeous UNESCO-protected fjords Aurlandsfjord and on the narrow Nærøyfjord up close from the ferry.

Fjord Norway

Do you crave action and excitement? The bus-drive up the steep and winding Stalheimskleiva is bound to make your tummy flutter. It’s considered Northern Europe’s steepest road and passes through two majestic waterfalls on the way. The reward once you reach the very top? Amazing views for miles on end.

The ‘Norway in a Nutshell ®’ journey also includes the grand Flåm Railway, famous for it’s many stunning lookout-points. Thanks to its steep incline (from sea to almost 900 meters above sea-levels in a small hour!), it’s no wonder National Geographic Traveller Magazine placed the 20 kilometer Flam Railway in their top ten European train rides.

But why stop at just “Norway in a Nutshell ®”? Did you know that you could add a night or two in the gorgeous fjord- and mountainside villages on your way to Bergen or Oslo? We offer boutique accommodation in places like Aurland, Flåm, Geiranger and Stalheim. Apart from hiking and taking in the serene surroundings, we can also organise guided tours in the area.

Norway Image credits: Sverre Hjørnevik, Fjord Norway and 29|2 Aurland, Fjord Norway, Paul Edmundson