Brisbane Scandinavian Festival

Point your compass north and see what you will find for your next holiday. 50 Degrees North specialises in holiday travel to Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Arctic and Russia. Be sure to visit our Finnish Destination Specialist, **Mari Räsänen **today at our stand and we invite you to look further at our website when you get home, for Northbound travel inspiration.

All our sales staff and owners are Scandinavians (3 Norwegians, 1 Dane, 2 Swedes, and 8 Finns!). Our two offices are in Melbourne and in Lillehammer, Norway. When your friends and family contact us about their Nordic holidays, they get to speak with a passionate local Scandinavian with first hand knowledge from the region.

We are proud to be supporting local Scandinavian events around Australia.

Hav en fantastisk dag! Hav en skøn dag! Ha en fin dag! **Have a great day! **


_Having fun at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta. Image credit: _C.H./Visit Norway