A wonderful mix of Stalinist architecture, nomadic herding culture.

Sanding in the centre of the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar you will see Mongol herders riding in from the steppe on their horses doing their daily shopping. Ulaanbaatar is a wonderful mix of Stalinist architecture, nomadic herding culture and German, Korean and Chinese bakeries, restaurants and cafes. It is a tiny capital in size and population, but with buildings so grandiose it could easily be mistaken for city populated by millions.

The central Sükhbaatar Square features a statue of Damdin Sükhbaatar, who lead Mongolia's revolution in1921. There are a number of notable old Buddhist monasteries in the city, among them the Choijin Lama and the Gandan monasteries, which are well worth a visit.

Ulaanbaatar is changing quickly as mining takes hold, so visit soon!

Tour Standard
Jozefien Heyse

Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

4 days - Independent tour - Relax and explore in a low impact Ger camp.

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Mongol Horse Trails

11 days - Join Mongolian herdsmen on horseback into the wilderness.

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Mark Portman

Mongolian Camel Trek

5 days - Go trekking or riding supported by camels in the Gobi

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Mongolian Naadam Festival

4 days - Join our small group Mongolian Naadam Festival extension.

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Mongolian Odyssey

9 days - Small group Tour - Experience the best of Mongolia

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Mongolian tailor made ‘Glamping' Safari

4 days - Experience different yurt camping in luxury gers in Mongolia.

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Mongolian Yak Trek - yak supported trek

5 days - Group Hike with the Mongol herdsmen and yak support.

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Naadam Festival - Ulaanbaatar
Mongolian Experience
T-Rex in Ulaanbaatar
National History Museum Mongolia