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Untouched wilderness, pristine nature, hiking and mountain climbing destination, the Gobi Desert, cultural diversity, unique heritage, centuries old history, horses and Mongolian yurts- circular tents.

Mongolia is still a nation where more than half the population live off the land keeping livestock as herders. Living a nomadic lifestyle has been the way of life for thousands of years, and you will find Mongolia one of those countries where little has changed in the past millennia. There are no fences and very few sealed roads, and the main form of transport is still on horseback. A Mongolian tour such as the Mongol Horse Trails let you join Mongolian herdsmen on horseback into the wilderness.

A trip to Mongolia allows you to soak up vast open landscapes and enjoy the incredible hospitality of nomadic herders.

Our partners have developed four low impact and semi-permanent Ger (nomadic tents) camps that are small and intimate, powered by nature. All the camps are operated by the local people who own them with profits benefiting locally. When you travel with us in Mongolia, you take part in developing an interesting Ecotourism concept where the aim is to strike a balance between sustainability and profitability for our local partners.


For a true taste of all that Mongolia has to offer, take our small group Mongolian Odyssey tour package. This tour will bring you to both desert steppe and mountain areas of the Gobi, completely vehicle based in a jeep or minivan depending on numbers.

If you are short on time, Jalman Meadows Ger Camp tour offers up plenty of adventure and local culture a short distance from Mongolia's capital. We use low impact indigenous, thus appropriate technology with the assistance of yak carts or riding horses on this tour.

As part of the Living Cultural Heritage of Mongolia, a truly unique Mongolian tour we offer is the Mongolian Naadam Festival. A giant nomadic camp is set up on the steppe area outside Ulaanbaatar and you get to attend smaller, more intimate 'country style' Naadam festivals. Locals wear their finest traditional dresses and you get to join in on the festive atmosphere.

Högnö Khan Mountain
Jalman Meadows
Altai Mountains

Tour Standard
Jozefien Heyse

Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

4 days - Independent tour - Relax and explore in a low impact Ger camp.

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Mongol Horse Trails

11 days - Join Mongolian herdsmen on horseback into the wilderness.

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Mark Portman

Mongolian Camel Trek

5 days - Go trekking or riding supported by camels in the Gobi

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Mongolian Naadam Festival

4 days - Join our small group Mongolian Naadam Festival extension.

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Mongolian Odyssey

9 days - Small group Tour - Experience the best of Mongolia

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Mongolian tailor made ‘Glamping' Safari

4 days - Experience different yurt camping in luxury gers in Mongolia.

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Mongolian Yak Trek - yak supported trek

5 days - Group Hike with the Mongol herdsmen and yak support.

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