The North Atlantic & Arctic season between May and September enables detailed exploration of the spectacular scenery with its fascinating flora and fauna including Polar bears, Musk oxen, Walruses and a myriad of seabirds. Come with us to explore this unique and wild part of the world.

Summer and winter are both excellent for visiting the Arctic (although summer is a little warmer), each with their unique characteristics - summer in perpetuity of light, and winter with the amazing Aurora Borealis.

Read more about seeing Polar bears in Norway. 



The jewel in the crown when it comes to scenery up north is unquestionably Norway. Find yourself on a cruise through the Norwegian fjords on board one of the Hurtigruten ships, or traversing the mountain plateaus on foot with vistas only limited by the curving of the earth.

Cliffs plummet more than 1000 metres into the fjords with small mountain farms clinging to the mountainside. Frolic through the back streets of Tromsø¸ at 3 am when the sun is still on your face, or don your skis and go as far as you can see on pristine white snow, and then enjoy a hot chocolate in front of the fire at a mountain hut that appeared out of nowhere. 

The Norwegian Coastal Voyages from Bergen to Kirkenes and vice verse is a classic voyage taking you all the way from the Hanseatic town of Bergen along the spectacular Norwegian Coast to the town of Kirkenes on the Russian border. Book your Norway tour today. 

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Svalbard (also known as Spitsbergen & Spitzbergen which is the main island's name) forms the northernmost part of Norway and combines as a station for Arctic research, climatology and an adventure holiday destination. Dog sledding, glaciers, boat cruising, Polar bears, the midnight sun and the beautiful northern lights are highlights on your adventure to Svalbard.

Summer and winter are both excellent for visiting Svalbard, each with their unique characteristics - summer in perpetuity of light, and winter with the amazing Aurora Borealis.

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Join our Russian tailor-made tours and river cruises that visit the amazing cities of Russia - St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Golden Ring villages all done in style. You can enjoy the grand restaurants, ballet & theatre and the palaces of Russia with us. Private transfers and small & central hotels are offered on our tours. We have wonderful guides that will do their best to show you their beloved country. Enjoy the fast train between Moscow and St. Petersburg - our drivers and guides will deliver you door-to-door to your hotel of choice in comfort.

Further afield, we are travel specialists for Kamchatka and the Russian Arctic. Get first-hand help with planning your trip to this remote area.

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The people of Iceland were once some of the most daring seafarers around. They made extended tours in ‘Viking’ long ships across the Atlantic discovering Greenland and Vinland, today know as New Foundland. The country itself is tiny, with a population of mere ¼ of a million. It offers incredible scenery and unparalleled geological attractions that can bring a whole continent to a standstill.

You can choose a comfortable touring option or you can go trekking, ice climbing, super-jeep riding, fly fishing or jump on the back of an Icelandic horse. Without boundaries on skill levels and experience, our Iceland tours, treks and family adventures give you a powerful experience of the island’s natural beauty and landscapes. Iceland is a popular place to tour so we strongly recommend booking early. 

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Greenland has so much to offer our new explorers; from trekking in the southeast, kayaking, and dog sledding, or just cruising and touring along its magnificent coastline. Summer in Greenland enjoys long days and mild weather, winter lights up with aurora borealis shows.

We have new voyages that take you along the West coast of Greenland on comfortable coastal ferries, travelling like the locals. Alternatively, you can experiences the whales and thrills of tall ship sailing through icebergs on board the M/V Rembrandt or visit remote villages on the MS Fram.

Our independent tours can show you the contrasts of Greenland: the lush green and the cool blue in the landscape, the thriving & modern towns, next to the tranquillity and peacefulness in the villages. You can experience the ice; in the fjords and at nearby glaciers, and you can enjoy the excellent hiking possibilities and study the exceptional geology of the area. Our tours of Greenland let you experience a modern country in comfort and style; north of the Polar Circle.

If adventure is not your thing, sit back on your hotel patio and see majestic icebergs float in the fjord right outside the town and experience the impressive glacier of Eqi at close range.

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The Canadian Arctic territories offer sparsely populated wilderness and the magnificent Polar Bear. Stretching across thousands of mile of North America’s most extreme hinterland, Canada's Arctic territories—the northernmost portions of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut—offer sparsely populated and largely untouched landscapes. Roads are rudimentary; most distance travel depends on planes. Except on sea cruises, tourist amenities are few. However, for adventuresome travellers there’s a wealth of opportunities for unparalleled wilderness experiences and chances to experience local traditions.

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