Scandinavia and Finland is home to bustling cities, stunning mountains, beautiful fjords, and the quiet solitude of Finland's lake district and Sami Lapland. 

In terms of wildlife and nature, you will find unique wildlife and flora. The king of the forests, the awe-inspiring moose, lives here, and so does the myth-like Polar bear, whose fascinating habitat is threatened due to the melting ice. You may also encounter lynx, lemmings, brown bears, muskox, reindeer, wolves and wolverines in the expanses of pine and birch forests.

In spring a blanket of colourful wildflowers stretch across meadows and fields. Wild berries and wild mushrooms of various kinds are abundant. Rivers are crystal clear and full of rainbow trout and salmon, who after time at sea detect their river of birth by a remarkably developed sense of smell.

Space, time, peace and quiet – the four elements modern life lacks. Our region offers a chance for downshifting even in the heart of the city, and untouched nature is never more than half an hour away. Stay at a cottage, enjoy a sauna and listen to birds warbling across the lake. Take in the sound of quiet. Hear yourself think.



The jewel in the crown when it comes to scenery up north is unquestionably Norway. Find yourself on a cruise through the Norwegian fjords on board one of the Hurtigruten ships, or traversing the mountain plateaus on foot with vistas only limited by the curving of the earth.

Cliffs plummet more than 1000 metres into the fjords with small mountain farms clinging to the mountainside. Frolic through the back streets of Tromsø¸ at 3 am when the sun is still on your face, or don your skis and go as far as you can see on pristine white snow, and then enjoy a hot chocolate in front of the fire at a mountain hut that appeared out of nowhere. 

The Norwegian Coastal Voyages from Bergen to Kirkenes and vice verse is a classic voyage taking you all the way from the Hanseatic town of Bergen along the spectacular Norwegian Coast to the town of Kirkenes on the Russian border. Book your Norway tour today. 

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Denmark is friendly and arguably the most hospitable of the Nordic neighbours. It is simply good to be a traveller in Denmark. Enjoy the exciting and modern cuisine of Denmark at a pop up food van or at the finest of restaurants in Copenhagen. Take a bike ride along the beautiful northern coast to Skagen. Take the kids and visit LEGOLAND staying on site in one of the themed rooms, or take your group of designer friends on a tour of Denmark to savour some of the style and modern design Denmark is known for.

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Sweden is the big brother among the Scandinavian countries. Modern, rich and known as a Social Democratic welfare state, always ranking high on the world’s best places to live. Take a cruise on the Göta Canal stretching from Gothenburg to Stockholm enjoying a sip of ice wine while you scan across a tranquil and lushly green countryside, or travel up north and stay in an ‘ice hotel’.

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Finland has some of the most beautiful natural scenery and untouched wilderness of Europe. There are thousands of lakes where you can go canoeing, camping, fishing and enjoying long summer evenings under a canopy of stars. You can enjoy Finlandia vodka, saunas, a thousand lakes, pesäpallo (Finnish baseball), reindeers and quirky ice hotels. Helsinki enjoys design hotels, fabulous art cafes and is also the gateway to cruises to Tallinn and beyond.

In winter Finland transforms into a fairytale landscape of whites and ice. Reindeer sledding is a favourite winter holiday highlight, and an ice cocktail and a sleepover on a reindeer skin in an ‘ice hotel’ is one of those not to miss life experiences. Christmas traditions are celebrated widely in Finland and we have plenty on offer over this period. Be sure to consider skiing as well during winter and spring. 

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