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Mongolia is still a nation where more than half the population live off the land keeping livestock as herders. Living a nomadic lifestyle has been the way of life for 1000's of years, and you will find Mongolia one of those countries where little has changed in the past millennia. There are no fences and very few sealed roads, and the main form of transport is still on horseback, though we can organise you a 4WD. Mongolia lies on the southernmost edge of the Arctic; where the Central Asian deserts and the steppe meets the deep forests of the Siberian taiga of the north. A trip to Mongolia allows you to soak up vast open landscapes and enjoy the incredible hospitality of nomadic herders.

Places to explore

Jalman Meadows Ger Camp

4 days - Independent tour - Relax and explore in a low impact...

Mongolian tailor made ‘Gerscape’ holiday

4 days - Experience different yurt camping in luxury gers in...

Mongolian Naadam Festival

4 days - Join our small group Mongolian Naadam Festival...

Mongolian Odyssey

9 days - Group Tour - Experience the best of Mongolia.

Mongolian Camel Trek

5 days - Go trekking or riding supported by camels in the Gobi

Mongolian Fly Fishing - Lower River Expedition

11 day - Group Tour - Exclusive expedition to Mongolia

Mongol Horse Trails

11 days - Join Mongolian herdsmen on horseback into the...

Mongolian Fly Fishing - Upper River Float

9 days - Group Tour - Fly fishing at its best on Mongolia's...

Mongolian Yak Trek - yak supported trek

5 days - Group Hike with the Mongol herdsmen and yak support.