Balestrand lies at the conjunction of Sognefjord and Esefjord.

Balestrand is perfectly situated in the Sognefjord among spectacular cliffs dropping straight into the fjord. Many of our tours enjoy a stay in Balestrand at the historic Kvikne's Hotel.

Balestrand has a population of approx 1350 people with a large boarding school as it's principal industry. It has been a famous art village since the 19th Century with many European artists settling in town. The Swiss style houses reflect this art history and make for many interesting stories. Kvikne's Hotel, for instance, built in 1877 has an imposing facade built in the Swiss style, and in its many lounges you can see many beautiful paintings by well-known artists.

A nice summer restaurant to visit is just out of town - the Ciderhuset. A creative restaurant set in an apple orchard with lovely views of the fjord.

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Norway's Classic Fjords

6 days - All the fjord favourites in one tour; Kviknes Hotel, Norway in a Nutshell® and Bergen.

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Norwegian Fjords Hike & Bike

10 days - Let Norway live up to your expectations on this active adventure...

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Sognefjord in a Nutshell ®

3 days - Independent by train, boat and ferry.

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Kvikne's Hotel
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