Kamchatka tours - Nature's surprise package

Kamchatka is a surprise package... here some reasons why you should consider an adventure to this region.

Step away from it all and visit a land of snow capped volcanoes, wilderness camping, steaming geysers, indigenous culture and thermal hot springs.

Some reasons to visit Kamchatka:

  • To see for yourself the magnificent Valley of Geysers. To feel the outstanding underground energy, walking on the hot soil of the Caldera of Uzon volcano.
  • To see 30 active volcanoes of Kamchatka and the highest active volcano of Eurasia – Klyuchevskaya sopka (4750 metres). This volcano is the classical shape of volcano similar to Mt. Fuji. Hike up these amazing volcanoes...
  • To visit indigenous people of Kamchatka and to get acquainted with their culture and everyday life. To visit remote ethnic settlements and reindeer nomad camps. 
  • To take a marine excursion in the Avacha bay, one of the biggest and picturesque harbours in the world. Visit noisy colonies of sea birds including guillemot, puffins, sea gulls, cormorant, ducks, and, if you are lucky, watch Sea Eagles in their natural habitats.
  • Watch Kamchatka brown bear in the wild nature. Kamchatka brown bear is one of the biggest subspecies of brown bears in the world, and can reach the height of three metres. Watch as these brown bears catch salmon as they run the rivers for this year's spawning.
  • Wilderness Camping on the edge of civilization!

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