Visiting Ice fjords on Hurtigruten MS Fram

Boarding an open boat, Alice explores Greenland's Qooroq Ice fjord and Narsaq village.

Visiting Narsaq with Hurtigruten

The weather forecast for today was for heavy rain and unfortunately they got it right. We arrived into rainy and misty Narsaq, I did not want participate in an excursion today, as I wanted to walk around and get a feel for the town on my own. Our blue jackets did come in handy and kept most of us dry.Tugtupite Greenland

Narsaq is a good place to explore the culture of the Norse settlers. A permanent exhibition in the house of culture highlights the migrations, tools and clothing of the Norse settlers. Narsaq is also the only place, where red gemstone tugtupite is found, in the Ilimaussaq area near Narsaq. The gemstone is considered to be Greenland’s national stone.

It was Sunday and very quiet and I wandered around the town and ended up at the local museum, where I saw interesting artifacts from the Viking Era.

We got back on board just before noon and sailed deeper into the fiord called Tunugdliarfik in Greenlandic. For most of us, it is simpler to refer to is as Erik's Fiord after Erik the Red, who arrived in Greenland in 982 AD, and founded his famous farm Brattahlid ("steep slope" in old Norse), renowned because it was the first farm founded in Greenland. Later on, the Greenlander Otto Frederiksen also chose to settle in here and gave it a new name, Qassiarsuk.

I did not have time to venture on land as I together with half the guests on the boat decided to on the boat trip to the Qooroq Ice fjord. As there were not enough boats, the group I was in went in an open boat. I had to get the expedition leader to repeat what he had just told me as I was not sure I heard correctly – an OPEN BOAT?

I was a bit freaked out at first as I had yet to experience going on the polar circle boats. We had to wear the dry suits, but I was actually happy to have conducted the excursion in one of the polar-circle boats as I got so close and experienced the Ice fjord in a different way, although I did miss out on the martini on the rocks, the rocks being 1000 year old ice from the fjord.

Unfortunately I did not take my camera.

Greenland Ice Fjords

_ Images thanks to Hurtigruten _