Iceland Winter Games 2015

Horses on an ice rink? The Bautatölt horse tournament & Iceland Winter Games is coming up...

For the first time, two massive Icelandic Winter Festivals have merged into Iceland Winter Games. Based around Akureyri in Northern Iceland, 6 - 14 March '15, this event showcases all the unique and exciting winter sports of this region.

Competitive events include: mountain hiking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing, snow scooters, super jeeps & the horse events. You can also check out exhibitions on new equipment related to winter sports, concerts and much, much more. Be sure to visit is the Bautatöltið horse competition. One of the few horse competitions in the world which take place on ice - with tölt (a special Icelandic gate) being the main focus.

Activities on offer for the general public include Heli-skiing, horse riding through snow, special Skyjump Ski jumps designed for all levels onto massive trampolines & more.

Iceland Winter Games