Hurtigruten new excursions 2015

Looking for adventure along the Norwegian coast. Hurtigruten voyages now offer kayaking in Trondheim, winter sport options and much more..

With each new season, Hurtigruten offer additional excursions that you can include into your Norwegian coastal voyage program. These excursions are designed to maximise your experience & enjoyment of the voyage overall.

We are excited about some of the new adventurous excursion options available for this summer & winter, 2015.

North bound excursions offered on Hurtigruten:
Kayaking excursions along Trondheim's River Nid

From 3 Jun  - 2 Sep, experience a trip of a different nature with a kayak excursion along Trondheim’s River Nid (2.5 hours). You will see Trondheim from an unusual angle as you paddle along the river and into to the city’s smaller channels.

A trip in a kayak surrounded by history is an experience you will never forget. An urban kayak tour such as this gives you a perspective of the city that few others have experienced. The colourful wooden buildings by the harbour, Nidaros Cathedral, Kristiansten Fortress and the popular Marinen Park are just some of the things you can see along the river.

Cycling excursion in Trondheim

A lot of effort has been made to make Trondheim the most bike-friendly city in Norway. And the city now has more than 5km of red cycle lanes through its centre. This 2 hour excursion will take you from the ship through the historical Bakkland district, where we’ll try out the world’s only cycle lift, known as “Trampe”. From here, we’ll head along the rows of warehouses with views of the cathedral and along the River Nid to Ila. From here, we’ll cross the new bike bridge and cycle along the fjord back to the ship. This final stretch is made in beautiful surroundings and offers some great views of Munkholmen, Trondheim’s monastery fortress island! This excursion is suitable for everybody, between 3 Apr - 2 Jun 15.

Mountain Hiking in TromsøHiking in Norway on Hurtigruten

Head up on a 3-hr hike 400 metres (1300 feet) above Tromsø, on Fløyfjellet. A short trip by cable car brings us to the upper cable car station. From here our hike starts. A bid for the mountain’s peak requires a fair amount of fitness and stamina but the panoramas are certainly worth it. The air up here is fresh and clear, and we get a beautiful view of the city, the ship and the impressive mountains on Kvaløya Island. Our Norwegian Director enjoys this hike each time he visits Tromsø.

Winter Games

When the autumn has passed and the winter snow has settled, Norwegians love to get out in the white landscape with their skis and toboggans. No-one is too young or too old to ski! In their backpacks you will often find chocolate and cocoa. This excursion (2.5 hours) will give you the opportunity to try typical Norwegian winter activities such as skiing, tobogganing and sledging. You can also take a walk in the old city of Trondheim. This is a wonderful experience for anybody regardless of age or if you never have tried skiing before. It is said that the Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, and you can experience just how they feel in the Norwegian winter landscape!

South bound excursions offered on Hurtigruten:
Whale watching Winter

Whale Watching on Hurtigruten

Join this spectacular whale-watching experience for a limited time this Northern winter! The past few winters, large numbers of humpback whales and killer whales have returned to the fjords of Northern Norway, in hunt of herring. From Risøyhamn, you’ll bus to the pier and board a smaller boat which will take you out to sea, where you can experience these majestic mammals up close without disturbing them. Seeing the whale tails break the surface before they descend is a spectacular sight. You might even experience what we call a whale-Bonanza! If the moment is right whales could completely surround you as formations of killer whales attack a shoal of herring or even humpback whales jumping out of the water. If you are lucky, a sea eagle might appear to add to this spectacle.

Mountain Hike in Lofoten

Experience Lofoten from above. Join us on a 3.5 hr hike through Rørvikskaret! After a short bus ride through Svolvær and Kabelvåg we leave the traffic behind and start our hike. We walk through beautiful scenery, and from the top we can enjoy some of the most impressive views Lofoten has to offer. On a clear day you can see the mountain chain Lofotveggen! After a well-deserved break with coffee, tea and biscuits, we start to descend. On the other side of the pass, the bus awaits us and takes us to Stamsund where we board the ship.

Speak to our staff about what type of experience and voyage you want and we can tailor-make these Hurtigruten voyages for you.

Lofoten Beach walking