John & Barb, May '17

June 15th 2017

"Hi Tietse,

On behalf of Barb and me (or should that read "I") it would remiss of us not to drop a short note of thanks for organizing such an exciting and enjoyable itinerary.

From the time we arrived at Copenhagen till we left the Faroe Islands every day brought a new adventure be it, cultural, historical, visual or food temptations!!

The Nyhavn 71 Hotel lived up to its reputation - great service and in the "heart of the city".

Stockholm - what can I say - fascinating!! - "a jigsaw of 14 islands" - in particular, Gamla Stan, the old city with its interesting architectural buildings; the churches; the food, the preservation of the Vasa (absolutely brilliant) and its peoples.

The Hotel  did not disappoint - good location, particularly friendly and helpful staff who went out of their way to ensure that we had a memorable stay.

The train trip from Stockholm to Narvik was uneventful bar the 20 or so hours we were on the train!! - brilliant scenery, in particular, the further north we went and the snow covered scenery (and yes, you were correct, there were occasions where the snow drift was higher than the train!!). Narvik, was interesting with its snow capped mountains and its recently opened (2016) World War II Museum, which was particularly well displayed.
Bus trip to the Lofoten islands was "an adventure"!! - 4 hours of scenic splendors and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Lofoten hotel too did not disappoint, lovely setting and service good though it was a pity that as it was early in the tourist season, the restaurant facilities were not available and therefore either a "walk into town" or catching the local bus service which too appeared to be somewhat sporadic in its timetable!! (needless to say, we did a lot of walking!!) - enjoyed the stay on the island and its people, very relaxing.

The ferry "ride" from Svolvaer to Bergen was again interesting and enjoyable and the Hurtigruten line know how to please - good service, good accommodation and good food!! (and bottled water is now free!!).
Bergen - as always, brilliant, especially the National Day celebrations!! - thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and visited several of the eateries that we frequented on our previous visit.

Faroe Islands were an "eye opener"!! - sheer cliffs and sheep!!! (and the roads, tunnels and dramatically exciting scenery) - thoroughly enjoyed the experience, though must admit that the trip from the airport at Vagar to our first "port of call" (Gjaargarour) was something of an "ordeal" given that we were given incorrect directions by the hire car representative at the airport and therefore did not arrive at the said destination until after 11 o'clock that evening!! (made interesting driving!!)

Well as this was supposedly a short note, will close, but many thanks to you and your staff, in particular Heidi, for your continued professional and personal service. Very much appreciated, and who knows, the Northern Lights in winter!!

Kind Regards,
Barb and John"