Christina & Garry, Aug '16

December 22nd 2016

"Dear Tietse,

I have been meaning well before this to thank you for the great trip you arranged for us. I think I came back with information overload and my brain hasn’t been properly engaged since.

It was a great adventure and enormously interesting. We learnt so much about an area of the world I, at least, never dreamed of visiting. We were fascinated to see how similar the problems of life in the far north are to the problems of outback Australia - isolation, extreme weather, servicing small and often transient populations. Of course the area is also very beautiful.

We loved Inari and could have stayed there much longer. I am only sorry we can’t visit every year, like people do to Wilsons Prom. The river running past our bedroom, the birds and squirrels outside the dining room, Saami culture.

The bird trip to see puffins. Such a generous tour operator. He had a supply of binoculars (I need not have taken my own) and bird books, plus he clearly loved the birds himself and seemed almost reluctant to return to dock. The puffins of course are a joy.

Norway-in-a-Nutshell. It really is a wonderful sample of all that Norway has to offer. I am glad you gave us that extra day at Flam. We went up to Stegastein which is spectacular. When we got back there were two delicious home baked lemon tarts in our room. Garry’s daughter had rung the hotel and arranged them as a surprise for his birthday that day.

Lots of others, but there were so many it almost became routine! ie we enjoyed the whole experience.

Any lowlights?
Can’t say I enjoyed crab fishing! Far too vigorous for us oldies and I don’t even like crabs!

Generally excellent, characterful and conveniently placed. The hotel in Oslo was one of the most inconvenient rooms I have stayed in! No place for luggage and you tripped over it and each other moving around the room. All others were great.

We also appreciated the personal attention we received, including your willingness to meet up with us. I keep recommending you to everyone I know who is headed to Scandinavia.

Very best wishes from us both for Christmas. Christina & Garry"